Friday Fun Day

What’s your Friday like? Is it a crazy day chaos leading into the weekend? Is it a mundane day of grind, constantly watching the clock for that 5:00 hour? Is it a dreaded day of misery, as everything must be done in such a way, and by such a time, only to wait in misery on the highway to final reach your destination hours and hours later?

Or maybe you have the day off today? Is it an unusual treat for you, or maybe you have a normal four day week? For me, as a stay at home mom, and we have our kids in a hybrid homeschool, today is usually an off day. Our oldest goes to work for the day, and our youngest has studied to complete.

Yet, today isn’t quite an off day; it’s found a bit of dread in it. Today, I have to do what hundreds (maybe thousands) of women hate to do. I have to go get an exam. Thankfully, it’s thermography rather than the other dreaded procedure, but still, not a joyous adventure for me. 😳 The joys of being a girl, I suppose. We will just make the best of it…

Well, let’s get this over with. Happy Friday, and everyone! 😉

What is your Friday going to be like today?

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. Hopefully the day turned out better and I’ve never heard of thermography … just Googled it and read up on it. Sounds like it is a more comfortable procedure. I really should go for that or a mammogram as it’s been years for me. Heart disease is what runs in our family so that is why I began the walking regimen (that and I work from home and sit way too much!)

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  2. I hope something joyous happened to you today. We are retired, so we had nothing we HAD to do today. We got up earlier than usual to have breakfast with grandson David, who was on an early shift at work. Logan (9) came over after school to fly gliders and play checkers with John, and he and I played Pressed for Words and Free Cell on my phone. Before we could turn around twice, his parents were calling him home for dinner. Not every day is as free as this, but all retirement days are good.

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    • Yes, I do look forward to those joyous retirement days, and I did have a joyous day despite the minor “bump” in the road. I got to spend most of the day with my guys (oldest got off early, too); so, those are always wonderful days. 😉❤️

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