Whimsical Wednesday

*yes, this pic has markup to protect identity and privacy.

What we will do for our children and our pocketbooks…

These little gems cost me about 45 minutes of search this morning, as I dug through 4 bags of trash (2 recycle and 2 NASTY), only to realize my son and I had had a miscommunication! 😳

I hadn’t accidentally thrown them away the other day; his dad had, and they were simply in a much cleaner bathroom trashcan rather than the great big garage trashcan of kitchen trash! 🤦‍♀️

I am so very thankful, but Wow. Not exactly the Whimsical Wednesday morning I had been looking for! I am so grateful to not be headed to the dentist for a $300 replacement pair; however, I about lost my lunch, or rather almost didn’t eat lunch, over that little treasure hunt!🤢

I do hope your Wednesday was much more Whimsical than what mine was, and if not, we always have next week to which we can look forward!😉

Tuesday Treats #190

Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

*Oops! My apologies for the delayed post!*

We visited this restaurant quite a while ago, and honestly, we weren’t highly impressed on the first run, but this return visit is proof that, sometimes, you have to try a place twice to be sure it’s not a place you will actually enjoy. This time around, it was quite amazing! I gave a review then, and you can read about it here.

The only drawback I can see is the seating in the house. There are no booths, all tables and chairs. It’s very much a fancy cafe style setting (white tablecloths), and if you like that, then you’ll have no hesitation. My husband, son and I prefer a bit more cozy settings, but we did get a table in the corner, against the wall, and it was perfect.

Once seated, we were greeted by an incredibly friendly server, and we ordered a Caesar salad, lasagna and two small pizzas, one with only pepperoni, and the other with pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers (they do yellow peppers here instead of the common green). Everything was absolutely delicious. One interesting thing this restaurant does is if you ask for crushed red pepper, they bring you a huge bowl of it! (See pic) I wondered if it was “fresh,” because of how it was served, but I forgot to ask. It provides just the perfect kick for our pizzas, and our youngest enjoyed the fresh Parmesan they brought him as well. The pizzas are cooked in a wood fire oven; so, they have that delicious brick oven flavor. The Italian bread and dipping sauce, marinara and spices, is incredible. The lasagna is savory, meaty, cheesy and scrumptious.

I will have to say, the desserts were the “icing on the cake,” no pun intended. I had a cappuccino, and we ordered the zeppole for everyone to enjoy. Oh. My. What a delight! These ricotta cheese filled Italian doughnuts with Nutella were phenomenal. We definitely made ourselves overstuffed with those. The cappuccino was yummy served with a crunchy and very tasteful (cookie) biscuit.

I’m so glad we were in the area, in the mood for Italian and decided to give this restaurant another shot. We will definitely be back!