Merry belated Christmas! (and Whimsical Wednesday)

I didn’t post yesterday; even though, it was Christmas AND Whimsical Wednesday. I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very whimsical day!

Overall, it has been a beautiful Christmas season here, as well as, a miserable one for my sweetie. Having the flu on Christmas is absolutely no fun. It was nice to be with his family, and I’m so thankful they treat me as one of their own, but I sure did miss him during all the festivities.

Praying you and yours made lots of happy memories and everyone stayed and stays well! 😉💗🎄

5 thoughts on “Merry belated Christmas! (and Whimsical Wednesday)

  1. Hope your sweetie has recovered and the rest of the family did not come down with the flu. I’ll bet you brought home some leftovers for when he feels better. The tree is gorgeous and so homey looking with the fire and the fireplace with the stockings as well.

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    • Thank you, and yes, I did. Although, he didn’t eat them till the next day. He is doing better, and he quarantined himself for about three days; so, I have surely missed him! The rest of us are still feeling well so far; yet, I fear to speak that out loud for fear the results might change! 😂

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