Tuesday’s Treats #195


Location: Atlanta-Hartfield Airport

Who would have thought you can get a great meal in the Atlanta airport? Well, you can. You’ll pay more here than at the regular restaurant it ants, but it’s good food, nice atmosphere, and the servers were nice… and it saved me time getting in and out of Atlanta traffic; so, I won’t complain!

The grilled romaine salad was absolutely delicious. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the grilled romaine; I mean really. Doesn’t romaine wilt on the grill? Guess not, cuz it was crispy and delicious with just a touch of smokiness. Topped with Grana Pandano and candied walnuts and walnut vinaigrette, it was amazingly good! We created our own cheese plate with Midnight Moon, P’tit Basque and Soppresatta. Yeah, read the menu for all that. Lol. We didn’t know either; so, we asked our sweet waitress to describe them and then, chose a few. 😉

They were out of several main entree items, because they’d had a New Years celebration the night before. I ordered the Spice Roasted Chicken and enjoyed every bite. To be honest, I’ve forgotten what my husband ordered, but he really enjoyed it. Even the homemade chips are good!

We will definitely eat here again before our next flight. 😉❤️


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