Peace Like a River

How’s your peace level today?

It seems everyone is in a crisis to one extent or another.

Turn on the news, and there’s not a sliver of hope.

Turn on the talk shows, and there’s nothing but sarcasm and ridicule.

Turn on social media, and it’s either cynicism or disbelief, hatred or dictatorship.

Where do you find peace, hope and love?

Where do you find sanity for your mind and solitude for your soul?

Step outside and let the cares wash away.

Step down to the river and allow the fears to fade into the ripples.

Listen to the birds that sing; they neither toil nor spin.

Listen to the breeze and the trees; they neither fret nor frown.

Maybe we should take a few lessons from the Creator of creation.

Maybe we should step beyond the noise and take a seat down by the river.

Psalm 23:2, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.”

*I do not own this music or any rights to it. This is “The River,” by Karen Peck and New River

14 thoughts on “Peace Like a River

  1. In nature I find peace and I get away from the news of the day which assaults our ears and eyes daily, even though I will return to the news as I have a need to know. That is a vicious circle. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words and the music with us Mia.

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      • Ya know, after all this has come out, we are pretty convinced that we actually had the Coronavirus! The way the “flu” (never diagnosed) went straight into bronchial issues, and each one of us dealt with it just weeks apart…we’re pretty convinced that what we all had…and there’s so many here in our area who did the same! Our care pastor had even said that during the “flu season” this year, how this was the weirdest year, because almost every case went straight to pneumonia or bronchial issues… 😉 Thank you for your prayers. 😊💕

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      • You know I wouldn’t doubt it – and you are amongst people, you travel … you both were very sick and even self-quarantined, I remember, just as a courtesy to keep the rest of the family well (or hoping too). I remember reading that in your post. I have read other stories of people who were horribly ill the end of last year or shortly after the holidays, more so than just a dose of the seasonal flu and now believe they had the Coronavirus.

        Since you are young and healthy and fit (you hike … all those stairs at that waterfall!) you were very sick but recovered without hospitalization. God was looking out for you and other members of your congregation and community. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Mia. 💕

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