Well, It Happens

Yeah, through all the homework and tears,

Through all the newness and fears,

Despite the hardships and trails,

Despite all the journey of many, many miles,

This happened.

Now, the really adventure begins…

6 thoughts on “Well, It Happens

    • Thank you from both of us… homeschooling makes us parents to feel like we should be graduating as well! 😂 He goes to college in the Fall, not too far away, but far enough for him to feel the freedom…and for me to feel the void. I will miss him so; yet, this is what we raise them for. They must fly, and he will so enjoy it. It’s going to get awfully quiet around here. We will miss him, but we are so very excited for him! 💗

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      • It is a big step from high school to college, and without the usual fanfare associated with high school graduation, there was some sadness I am sure for missing that rite of passage. But maybe that causes one to be a little more grown up, having taken that loss in stride and makes them a stronger person in the end and able to handle whatever life has to give … nothing is easy in life these days whether or not COVID-19 is involved … life is tough. The Summer will fly by for all of you, I’m sure of that. Take care Mia.

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