Friday Fun Day

Sometimes, life seems like a long corridor of rooms, doors and walls.

It’s hard to see where it’s going, and any choice might change it all.

You keep walking, wondering, hoping for the best.

Thoughts of grandeur and disaster seem to poke fun at your journey of trepidation.

Keep walking child, but always walk toward the Light.

The Light that shines brighter than all the rest will guide you through.

The Light that is strongest is the only One that will bring you hope.

That Light will bring you joy that is unspeakable, peace that surpasses understanding and hope beyond measure.

That Light will give you beauty for ashes and oil of joy for mourning.

That light will turn your weeping into dancing.

If you feel lost and confused today, just find the Light.

He will give you a Friday Fun Day, and He’s will lead you safely home.

Isaiah 61:3-7

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