Monday Musings

I know it’s Tuesday… Tuesday night even, but this might just be a good muse; so, bear with me, please… 😉

So, someone was sweet enough to give us a whole bag? bushel? bucket? … bowl full of unshelled pecans…

They sat in the bowl for several days, and I finally had to concede there was no way I’d have time to shell them…

About that same time, that day or the next, a sweet looking, older Hispanic lady walked through our church parking lot and began hunting fallen pecans from the trees that overhang the property…

I thought, “Maybe I should put those pecans back in a bag and bring them with me, in case, I see her again. She might truly appreciate those…”

So, that evening, I poured them all back into a plastic bag and had to double bag because of the weight…

That next day, I purposely peered across the property, never seeing the little lady…

The next day and the next, I watched…

Until, a whole week went by, and I had almost concluded I needed to give them to someone else or simply throw them out…

But, I hesitated as I surely wanted to not waste them…

Two days later, as I was leaving for lunch, I noticed a couple on the little hill, picking up pecans…

I stopped and asked if they’d like some pecans, but our language barriers didn’t allow for communication. He just looked at me while his wife said something from afar…

So, I pulled the big bag out of my back floorboard and handed it over to him…

Oh, how I wish I could’ve captured a snapshot of the joy on his face when he realized what was in the weighted bag!

Honestly, you’d have thought I’d given him a bag full of gold! His wife, realizing what it was as I drove on, called out, “Mucho Gracias!”

…every day is a day for Thanksgiving…

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.

Proverbs 3:27

You may not have much to offer, and your gift may seem insignificant, but for that one who needs it, it will be like liquid gold that will touch their very soul.

MG 11/17/20

Thankful for the opportunity to give when I’ve been more than blessed. ❤️

14 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    • Oh wow. That’s a neat thing to know about you! 😊 Growing up in Northwest Florida and having a grandmother who absolutely loves pecans, we always had pecans around. My grandfather taught me at a very young age how to crack them open with one of those handheld nutcrackers (essentially “mini tongs” with “teeth” on the inside), but until I grew older, he always had to crack them, because my hands were too little and not strong enough yet. 😂

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      • This was your grandfather you recent wrote about Mia? My grandmother’s birthday would have been today – she was born November 19, 1905. I’ve never even cracked or had walnuts in the shell, however, I ordered some from Amazon for the squirrels for Christmas. I figure I’ll give them a treat – hopefully they like them as I don’t have a nutcracker … they have built-in nutcrackers, those sharp teeth!!

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      • Yes, it is. My grandparents were basically my second set of parents while growing up, and my mother is only 17 years older than me, and often, we were more like siblings. Lol. … oh, I bet those squirrels are going to love you for that! 😊

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      • That sounds like a great childhood Mia … you grew up close with your grandparents and your mom being young was a different relationship. That’s nice – I never had siblings and my parents were 30 when they had me and back in the 50s that would have been considered old. I have quite a fan club in those squirrels but that will be their Christmas treat and I’ll try and get some pictures of them chowing down.

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      • I definitely have to keep the right perspective to call it a great childhood, as there was quite a bit of pain and turmoil spun throughout, but my grandparents were absolutely amazing! My grandmother still is. She turns 92 next year, and you wouldn’t know it to see her! She’s just as spry and young as a youthful 60 year old! I pray I’m like her when I’m older. She and I have so much in common. … I’ll look forward to your pics of those squirrels. They are always so fun to read about. Your stories always make me feel as if I’m walking alongside you in the journey. 😊

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      • I was close to my mom and my dad but then my father left and took all the money out of the bank and an annuity account, leaving my mom penniless, so I have no use for him. My grandmother was a peach and I was close to her, but my grandfather was the exact opposite with a mean streak and a big mouth. I once bit him as he insinuated I was stupid … I bit him on the ankle! I was young and don’t ask me what possessed me to do that. 🙂 I am glad your grandmother is youthful for her age – you will have many more years with her given what you told me.

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      • Oh wow! 😳 I immediately got a mental image of you biting his ankle, and I literally laughed out loud! 😂 … my bio-father didn’t quite do all that, but he and my mother divorced when I was 6mos. old, and he was absent; so, there’s yet another thing you and I have in common, my friend… so thankful we both have grandmothers whom we can/could look up to through the years… I surely pray I’ll have her around many more years! I love her so! 💗

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      • Yes, grandmothers are the best! When I first started working, it was in a diner and the manager was a grandfatherly type. I thought of him fondly like a grandfather so made him into the grandfather figure I would have liked to have. Patient and so nice and I knew all his kids and grandchildren as the kids came to the diner, the grandchildren all worked at times. I hope you have your grandmother around for many years to come Mia!

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