Just Sit and Soak

When life doesn’t make sense,

And the walls are caving in,

Find a place to just sit and soak for a minute.

When your heart is too heavy to carry the news,

And your eyes won’t stop overflowing,

Find a place to just sit and soak and breathe.

It may not change today, and tomorrow will still come barreling in,

But the warmth of the sun can bring life to the soul.

The roll of the tide can bring strength to the mind.

So, go on.

Go find that place.

Sit and soak for a moment.

Breathe it all in.

And learn to live again.

Penned – MG – 11/2/21

He calms the storm,

So that its waves are still.

Psalm 107:29

6 thoughts on “Just Sit and Soak

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  2. Well said (penned).

    Isak Dinesen wrote that “The cure for anything is salt water—tears, sweat, or the sea.” She has a point, yet if she’d added sun, soak, and The Son, and she’d have had it perfectly right!

    LORD Bless, Keep, Shine, and fill y’all with Peace–you and yours. . .

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