One Year Later

Sat down to write Christmas cards tonight

Only to realize, I had to make a transfer to create more room

As I rewrote each name and address, one change kept coming up

So many things are different one year later

A friendship that has been washed out

A wife who decided to walk away

A grandparent has left for the other side

A husband who said goodbye forever

My heart broke after I wrote one name and not the other

My eyes shed tears as I remembered what was lost

My inhale grew a little deeper and the exhale a little longer

So many things have changed just one year later

A bond forgotten for brighter days

A dream shattered beyond recognition

A once in a lifetime sliced beyond repair

A light that grew dimmer until it smoldered

Oh, how I wish I could wave a little wand

Make wronged things right and old things anew

Oh, how I pray You’d come back sooner

Make desolate times dissipate with a feverish hope

You can change so many unraveled in so much less than one year later…

4 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. I don’t write as many Christmas cards these days Mia … after my mom passed away in January 2010, I continued to send birthday cards and at Christmas a card and short letter. The last one died this year.

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    • Yeah. There will probably be a day that I’ll slow down writing them, too. I’m sorry about your friend or relative passing. Losing so many is hard. I love that God gives us hope in His story of redemption that this is not the end! 💞 Praying you have a blessed Christmas season.

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