Tuesday’s Treats #199

La Hacienda

Location: Suwanee, Georgia

*My apologies for this pic not being all elegant and nice. I had planned to take a quick one and get another, but my husband dove into his molcajete so quickly that I missed the opportunity! 😂

The food, staff and atmosphere here is great!

They have four locations: Dawsonville, Cumming, McDonough and now in Suwanee. We visited the Suwanee location.

My husband would tell you to get the molcajete; it is amazing. My oldest would tell you to get the pollo ranchero, and I would say get the pollo hacienda. Our youngest loves the rice and beans and queso. Honestly, I love my dish for the chicken and sauce and rice. Being a “Gulf of Mexico shrimp” girl, I’m honestly not crazy about the tiger shrimp, but you may very well love it.

The salsa has a nice little kick. The chips are fresh, and the been and beef dip is phenomenal. The queso is great as well.

We haven’t had any of the seafood or taco choices, but the items in the menu look delicious! We have frequented the new Suwanee location several times – four times in one week! 😂 Yeah, you could say we liked it just a little.


Tuesday’s Treats #197

La Hacienda

Location: Suwanee, Georgia

This place is great! The salsa has a kick. The chips are fresh. The sweet tea is Southern style, and the meat is delicious. It’s a pretty new restaurant; so, go check it out.

The steak fajitas, chicken hacienda and molcajete are some of our favorites! To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about their bacon wrapped shrimp, but to each their own. The salmon chipotle looked amazing. I might try that next time.


Tuesday’s Treats #191

Tequila Mama

Location: Suwanee, GA

New place in a cool town center atmosphere. If you’re looking for a traditional, authentic Mexican restaurant, then, this might not be your spot, but I thought it was a nice change from our usual.

The atmosphere is bright and cheery. The menu isn’t too limited, but they don’t have the multiple pages of choices you’ll find in other restaurants. We ordered Momma’s Queso with beef, because when I asked the server if we could do bean dip (ya know, beans and cheese), she seemed a bit confused me did she’d never herd of that before. No, it wasn’t because of a language barrier either; she spoke perfect English. Although, unfortunately, that could have simply been a server issue, because she seemed a bit more interested in talking to coworkers throughout our meal rather than serving. 😕 Oh well.

My son was disappointed they didn’t have refried beans, but he had rice and the charro beans and liked it almost as good. I ordered the tequila lime chicken, and it was absolutely amazing. Hey he rice is a cilantro lime rice; so, it’s quite different than most Mexican restaurants, but I’ve always liked this style that you can’t find everywhere. The chips and salsa were good as well; although, the salsa wasn’t a bit spicy.

All in all, it’s a nice place to eat, and the food is good. I’m not sure I’d we will return often, as it doesn’t have some of the items we really like when we go to eat Mexican food, and the prices are a bit steep ($53 for just my son and me), but I am glad we tried it.

The website link via Google only takes you to an application form; so, I’m including the TripAdvisor link for you to check it out.


Tuesday’s Treats #141

El Ray Mexican Grill

Location: Bethlehem, Georgia

The atmosphere was great, and the food was delicious. Honestly, it might not be my absolute favorite Mexican grill, but it was defining tasty. The staff is very friendly, and if you need to do some shopping after dinner, you’re in the right spot! Check out the menu and location here.

Tuesday’s Treats #125

Bravo’s Cantina and Grill

Location: Sugar Hill, Ga

(Note: this is the location at 5965 Cumming Hwy. There is another Bravo’s, but it is a smaller, more fast food type restaurant.)

The atmosphere here is good, and the wait staff are friendly. It seems they went through a bit of a slump last year and had a few rude waiters, but it seems they’ve gotten past that now.

The fajitas and this chicken pictured is delicious. I’m sorry I don’t have the name, but it’s chicken on top of grilled veggies, topped with cheese sauce, served on a sizzling platter. It is absolutely amazing! The steak tacos, rice and beans and chips and salsa are all great, but that is all we’ve had on the menu; so, if you like something else, you might just have to drop by and see for yourself. 😉

I haven’t found a good website for them; so, I am sharing the Facebook site, as well as, the trip advisor rating page. Maybe these will help you with locations and other interests.

Tuesday’s Treats #70

Emiliano’s Mexican Grill

Location: Pigeon Forge, Tn

This is a great little Mexican restaurant in Pigeon Forge. Honestly, from the outside, it doesn’t look like much, and we’ve only eaten there once; however, the chips and salsa, sweet tea, beans and rice and Fajita Nachos were delicious. 

So, look here for more info, or look them up on trip advisor, and go give them a try while you’re recouping from the go cart riding across the street. 😉

Tuesday’s Treats #66

El Ranchero Mexican

Location: Grayson, Ga

This is a great, festive Mexican restaurant just on the west end of Grayson. It’s bright and airy and fun. The chips and salsa and sweet tea are all great. The fajitas, Fajita Nachos with chicken and steak, beans and rice are great, too. They could have loaded the fajitas with a bit more meat, but it was tasty. 

We’ve only been here once; so, I don’t have more menu items to recommend, but these are good choices to start. Here is the Facebook page for you to check out the menu. 

Tuesday’s Treats #41

La Hacienda

Location: Commerce, Ga

If you’re doing a little shopping in Commerce, you’ll surely want to stop here to eat. The service is great, and the food is even better. The chips and salsa, the rice and beans, and the steak tacos are great, but what I like the best is The Volcan. I don’t even know why it’s called this, but it is delicious! They take a soft flour tortilla, put grilled steak, bell peppers, a little sautéed onion and “wrap it up” like a present, complete with a bell pepper ring to close. It looks really cool, too (See pictures above). They have an extensive menu from which to choose, and the prices are better than many Mexican restaurants, too.

Check them out here.

Tuesday’s Treats #39

Pollo Loco

Location: Sevierville, Tn

Pollo Loco

This Mexican restaurant is a very simple local place that hits it “out of the park” when it comes to flavor and good food! Oh. My. Goodness!

Steak Soft Tacos

Check them out here.

Tuesday’s Treats #36

Tacos & Tequilas

location: Cumming, Ga
Tacos & Tequilas is a great place to get some good Mexican food. They have an extensive menu, and the service is always great. The food is yummy, and the chips and salsa are served up in plenty! 😉 They sometimes have live music, and with or without the live band, the atmosphere is great. It can get a little loud on a busy night, but it seems to be no different than any other busy restaurant.

They have a good lunch menu with moderate prices. The dinner menu is a little on the higher end for Mexican food, but it’s not too bad. For our family of four, ordering cheese dip, 5 steak tacos, a burrito Mexicana, individual plate of rice and beans, and sweet teas/cokes, it usually comes to about $40 without the tax and tip.img_7699

I noticed a week or so ago that they’ve also opened another one near the Mall of Georgia. OH, and I do realize by the name of this place, it sounds like it might be a pretty crazy drinking atmosphere. I know from the menu lists, you can order drinks, and I’ve seen plenty who do; however, being a family who doesn’t, this place is still comfortable for us to have a nice dinner together. 😉

It looks like they don’t have an actual website, but you can check out the Trip Advisor listing for locations and reviews.

One more thing, from the looks of it, I think they might have several other locations, too! Enjoy!