Tuesday’s Treats #125

Bravo’s Cantina and Grill

Location: Sugar Hill, Ga

(Note: this is the location at 5965 Cumming Hwy. There is another Bravo’s, but it is a smaller, more fast food type restaurant.)

The atmosphere here is good, and the wait staff are friendly. It seems they went through a bit of a slump last year and had a few rude waiters, but it seems they’ve gotten past that now.

The fajitas and this chicken pictured is delicious. I’m sorry I don’t have the name, but it’s chicken on top of grilled veggies, topped with cheese sauce, served on a sizzling platter. It is absolutely amazing! The steak tacos, rice and beans and chips and salsa are all great, but that is all we’ve had on the menu; so, if you like something else, you might just have to drop by and see for yourself. 😉

I haven’t found a good website for them; so, I am sharing the Facebook site, as well as, the trip advisor rating page. Maybe these will help you with locations and other interests.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #125

  1. Everything looks delicious here – I could go for one (or all) of them right now. I had a power outage from 11:30 last night through 3:30 p.m. today due to a bad storm and high electrical usage – I did not have exciting food choices today as I lost everything in the fridge. I’m a weenie about taking chances when the power has gone off.

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    • Oh goodness! I agree with you on that one! I am so funny about food not being refrigerated at the right temp or sitting out too long. I probably would have to have a whole brain overhaul if I had to go back to pioneer days! Lol! 😂

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