Decrease Me. Increase You. 

You teach me through Your Word that I need a reformation. I need reproofing, and I need transforming to be more of who You desire me to be. Yet, I find myself, time and again, pushing against Your sovereignty. I find myself entangled in my own desires, my own selfish perspective.

I wish that You would decrease me that I might increase You.

You draw out of my soul the ugly, the begrimed and the despised things. You point to the waywardness of my heart and challenge it to change. You mark those fleshly wanderings and call them to a duel. You refine and chastise to remove that wretched sin.

I wish that You would decrease me that I might increase You.

You extract the waste that Your purity might flow. You entrap the filth that Your Spirit might invade. You ensnare all that is lost that Your anointing might abide. As the mire is expelled, Your holiness can thrive.

I wish that You would decrease me that I might increase You.

I find that as I yield my heart and surrender my will, You are enabled to dig deep within my soul. You eliminate all that is not like You. The fire refines me. Your love renews me.

I step back from the pruning to see there is so much less of me, and then I realize there’s so much more of You. ❤




I sit and ponder

Wondering what words to use

I read. I peruse. I pause.


I stand and wait

I listen intently for what You have

I look. I walk. I breathe.


Sometimes, I wonder if I hear clearly.

Sometimes, I question if you care.

Sometimes, I doubt I am able.


I know You have best in mind.

Yet, I struggle with the waiting.

I know Your love is the best.

Yet, I wrestle with the longing.

Nothing can compare
Nothing can comprehend

Nothing can hinder

Nothing can resist
You are my everything
Even when I feel undone


I know You are below


Even when I cannot hear

I know You are lacking


Even when I cannot see

I know You are beyond

Penned – MG – 7/7/16

The Pursuant

Reading Jonah 2, it becomes clear to me that God is a God of pursuant love. His love is not stagnant. He doesn’t just “sit around” and wait on us to seek Him. He places things all around us to turn our hearts toward Him. He allows things to happen in our lives that would cause us to look to Him once again.

He pursues us with His love. He longs for us to be with Him. He yearns to have a conversation with us, a moment of communion, a friendship. He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us when He ascended to heaven that He might draw our hearts back to Him when we stray from Him.

It makes me wonder, how much do we pursue Him in this way? Do we only think about Him when it comes church time and prayer time over the meal? Do we only think of Him when we are in trouble and in distress, because, after all, He is a ‘God of answers’ and a ‘God of help?’

He longs for so much more from us. He pursues us, because He wants our hearts as well as our hands. He can catch our hands so easily. It’s easy to catch your child’s hand when they’re young, when they need help after a tumble, and when you need to stop them from running in the street.

However, it’s harder to catch the heart of your teen when they desperately long for independence and have so many new avenues to find that freedom. It’s even harder to win the heart of your grown child if you didn’t quite master the task in their younger years, and now they’ve grown beyond their need for what you have to offer. You have to get more creative, and they have to be willing to come back to you. They, also, have to realize time spent with you is more valuable than they once imagined it might be.

I believe we have this same tendency toward our Heavenly Father. When we first get saved, He is all we think about, all we talk about. We pursue a relationship with Him. Yet, as life moves forward, the responsibilities pull on us, and the priorities of this world knock down our door, we set Him aside for brighter, easier days. We forget about that relationship we once had when we daily communed with Him. We set Him to the side as we pursue the approval of man and the kind words of a friend. We, now, wait till we are in distress to call on His name.

But oh, the sweetness of walking with Him day by day. Oh the joy we miss when we put Him aside. What countless burdens we carry when we do not share them with Him. What needless turmoil we invite when we don’t allow Him in.

He’s still there where you left Him. Seek Him out today. You will find Him. He promised that when you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him.




Go Down to Get Up

God Does Things Backwards… 

He doesn’t do things the way society believe they should be done. He does things backwards from what is expected. 

Flow to Grow

Prune to be Groomed

Serve to Lead

Lay Down to be Raised Up

Be Changed to Be Transformed

Conflict brings Peace

Confrontation Shows Love

Draw close to Him to Go Far in Life

Go Down to Get Up

Give to Get

Surrender to Win

Die to Live

It seems confusing to the world. This isn’t how they succeed. This isn’t how they win. 

You can’t understand it until you live it, until you surrender all to Him. 

It’s not a surrender to become bound…but, yet, it is. 

It’s not a serving to become less…but, yet, it is. 

It’s a letting go to receive. It’s a giving up to become great. It’s a dying to become more. 

I can’t explain some of it; yet, I know He is my lifeline, and without Him, I would be lost. I would fail at this life, and I would die for eternity. 

All He wants is your heart. When you give it, He gives you more love than you can imagine. 

All He desires is your will. When you give it, He gives you more power than you can fathom. 

All He longs for is your life. When you give it, He gives you more fulfillment than you can dream. 

Would you like to see? 

All you have to do is Believe…

Let Me Be Found True

Oh, Lord, how do I love thee?

Let me count not the ways


I speak of You in public grace

Yet, ignore You in the secret place

I praise You when it’s convenient

But neglect You when it’s intimate

I look to You when I remember and when I’m in need

However, forget You when my schedule is in the lead


Oh, Father, please forgive me from this wretched sin

Cleanse my heart and mind from within

Let me not be a person of works alone

And have not a single seed yet to be sown

Change me from this life of chaos and pride

Transform my soul to one in which You may abide

I give You my life, my heart and my breath

I surrender my dreams, my future, my death


Oh, my King, how do I love thee?

I pray You can count the ways


I desire to serve you in all my ambitions

Yet, we all have fallen short of Your suppositions

I long for the day when our eyes shall finally meet

But I fear for Your glory burns so awfully deep

I yearn to be found worthy, righteous and true

However, You spoke of many by whom Your words would be doomed


Oh, Yahweh, please conform my plans to Your ways

Mold me, make me into Your earthen vessel of clay

Redirect my words, my thoughts, my actions and deeds

Set anew my wants and reconstruct them to Your needs

I give You my life, my heart and my breath

I surrender my dreams, my future and my death


Penned – MG – 6/30/03

My Heart Says

I step out on faith, and I feel the whirlwind.

The gusts attempt to break my tired feet.

My anger tempts me to turn and not to bend,

But my heart says not to give in to the defeat.

I walk on not knowing where this will go;

This storm rages all around my weary head.

My sin tempts me to rebel so You will not know,

But my heart says to remember what You have said.

I run into Your loving arms, still fearing all Your wrath;

The rains are pouring down now on top of me.

My fears tempt me to put on this shiny mask,

But my heart says to uncover and allow You to see.

I stand in the great shadow of Your grace;

These clouds are cleansing from within me now.

My heart tempts me to hide my prideful face,

But my heart says to You only will I bow.

Penned – MG – 8/1/99

The Fight For Life

Death is calling her home

She hears him, but does not listen

She continues to go on, striving to succeed

Pushing her way at any cost to take the lead

He’s creeping upon her like a shadow

Continually stealing her strength

She’s getting weaker, stumbling along the way

Constantly wondering if he will pass or stay

They are both at war, never giving up

Each striving to overcome this losing battle

Never wanting to admit their own losses

Tearing at each other and pushing on at all cost

Finally the time has come…

 Will she choose to surrender or to defeat

She has fought the fight of impossible for some

And realized that she can overcome

She walks forward, trying to conceal

The weapon at her side, gaining confidence at every turn

Face to face with him, she rises and strikes him to the ground

She has conquered the evil one and proven that Love still abounds.

Penned – MG – 1/23/90