Go Down to Get Up

God Does Things Backwards… 

He doesn’t do things the way society believe they should be done. He does things backwards from what is expected. 

Flow to Grow

Prune to be Groomed

Serve to Lead

Lay Down to be Raised Up

Be Changed to Be Transformed

Conflict brings Peace

Confrontation Shows Love

Draw close to Him to Go Far in Life

Go Down to Get Up

Give to Get

Surrender to Win

Die to Live

It seems confusing to the world. This isn’t how they succeed. This isn’t how they win. 

You can’t understand it until you live it, until you surrender all to Him. 

It’s not a surrender to become bound…but, yet, it is. 

It’s not a serving to become less…but, yet, it is. 

It’s a letting go to receive. It’s a giving up to become great. It’s a dying to become more. 

I can’t explain some of it; yet, I know He is my lifeline, and without Him, I would be lost. I would fail at this life, and I would die for eternity. 

All He wants is your heart. When you give it, He gives you more love than you can imagine. 

All He desires is your will. When you give it, He gives you more power than you can fathom. 

All He longs for is your life. When you give it, He gives you more fulfillment than you can dream. 

Would you like to see? 

All you have to do is Believe…

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