Meaningless Words

You say you hear nothing
Yet, there are children screaming
You say you see nothing
Yet, there are people dying
You say you have done nothing
Yet, there is blood in your hands
You tell me you have no words to say
Yet, I hear your lies from day to day
You tell me you have nothing to do
Yet, I see the talents you withdrew
You tell me you have nothing to live for
Yet, I feel your heart beating for more

Take a stand for what you believe
Wake up to what you have indeed
Be alert and see what you can receive
Make the most of what you have been given
And give to those, who by need, are driven
Be aware of the life you are livin’
Don’t give up when the battle is hard
Fight with His armor; don’t be barred
Be brave and accept that metal starred
Don’t hesitate when they persecute you
Go boldly and receive their ridicule, too
Be strong and remember He paid the debt due.

Penned – 7/15/92 – MG