Let Me Be Found True

Oh, Lord, how do I love thee?

Let me count not the ways


I speak of You in public grace

Yet, ignore You in the secret place

I praise You when it’s convenient

But neglect You when it’s intimate

I look to You when I remember and when I’m in need

However, forget You when my schedule is in the lead


Oh, Father, please forgive me from this wretched sin

Cleanse my heart and mind from within

Let me not be a person of works alone

And have not a single seed yet to be sown

Change me from this life of chaos and pride

Transform my soul to one in which You may abide

I give You my life, my heart and my breath

I surrender my dreams, my future, my death


Oh, my King, how do I love thee?

I pray You can count the ways


I desire to serve you in all my ambitions

Yet, we all have fallen short of Your suppositions

I long for the day when our eyes shall finally meet

But I fear for Your glory burns so awfully deep

I yearn to be found worthy, righteous and true

However, You spoke of many by whom Your words would be doomed


Oh, Yahweh, please conform my plans to Your ways

Mold me, make me into Your earthen vessel of clay

Redirect my words, my thoughts, my actions and deeds

Set anew my wants and reconstruct them to Your needs

I give You my life, my heart and my breath

I surrender my dreams, my future and my death


Penned – MG – 6/30/03

Deep Thoughts on the Legging

Oh, how many times I have thought just that!! Somethings DO need to be kept mysterious…there are somethings that just really are better left UNSEEN!! 😉 It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘socially acceptable,’ if it’s inappropriate, it’s just inappropriate…cover your derrière, please!