Rude Awakening

I kneel here before You, humbled by Your call

My heart is heavy as I realize my own fault

I ask Your forgiveness for my neglecting to pray

I’ve become so busy in all the day to day


Oh God, forgive us for our wickedness and pride

We’ve searched others so deeply while our own failings we’ve denied

We’ve ignored Your desire to intently know our own hearts

I pray we’ve not been from You too long apart


Cleanse and purify this vessel from within

Strip this body of the wretchedness that it has been

Refine this heart of all the filth and the sin

Empty this mind of all the thoughts that would offend


Take this wayward tongue, bind and transform its desires

Wash these eyes of their sinful vision and all the mire

Purge these ears of the malicious slander they try to conceal

Chasten this soul eternally and conform me to Your will


Penned – MG – 7/01/02