Friday’s New Angle #1

Okay, so, I think maybe I’ll try another weekly event and see if you guys like it…
This one will strictly be pictures posted each week from a different angle. Maybe it’s part of a scenery, maybe it’s an inanimate object, maybe it’s just a little corner of my world, but it will all be from a “new” or different angle. You, the reader, will get to guess what the object is… I’ll post the answer on Saturday morning to give everyone enough time.
I hope this will be fun, and I hope you like my new angle! 😉

Can you guess what this is?


Watching Airplanes

IMG_9574 As I watch the plans fly over, I wonder who might be on it, where they might be from, where they are going, where they’ve been?

Is it a mother, a father, a friend?
Is it brother, sister, next of kin?
Are they going north, south, east or west?
Are they returning home or leaving less?

Is it their first time or last time?
Do they want to be there or is it more a crime?
Is it a business man just making his sum?
Is it a young soldier returning from the war for freedom?

I do wonder who they are and what is their stories. I wonder what kind of person they’ve become. What kind of person they long to be. All the airplanes going to and fro. So many people, so many lives never knowing this one girl watching them from below.