For the JOY set before Him…  

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Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before Him… The JOY it says… Do we actually enjoy suffering? Do we actually look forward to death? So many of us would like to say it’s true. So many of us would like to brag and boast of how brave we would be in the face of death, but we never truly know what will happen until we are actually faced with the same fate. We cannot speak honestly about that of which we know nothing. We cannot answer the question until we are faced with the test.

Often, I read books about those who have been martyred for their faith. The stories contained in those separate journals are heart wrenching, riveting and challenging. I always wonder what I actually would do in that moment. In that moment of choosing life or death, would I humbly accept my fate or would I fearfully deny Christ? Would I fight it with every breath of my being or would I lovingly embrace the cross by which I had been condemned?

…I’d like to think I would say with the martyred disciple Andrew, when he was being led to his death by crucifixion, “O Cross most welcome and long anticipated! I come to you with a willing mind, with joy and desire. Since I am a follower and a student of the One who died on you, I have always loved you and sought to embrace you.” Yet, it’s so simple and easy to believe in the good times the goodness of our own humanity, but it is in the hard places, in those death moments, when our faith is truly tested and revealed… I pray I might be found faithful. I pray I can remain till the end, and I can embrace pain and death as He did, knowing this temporary life is just that: temporary…There is a JOY set before us, joy that is abundant, overflowing and full of His glory!

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