Wednesday’s Ode #8

Today, I’d like to give tribute to my grandmother. She and I share the same birthday this month, and since today is April first (and I’m not so crazy about April Fool’s Day), I think she is a much better subject to talk about! 😉

I absolutely love my grandmother! Many people say we’re a lot alike, and I take that as a huge compliment. She is a very loving, peaceful, pleasant, elegant, loyal, diligent, dependable, and noble woman. She is fiesty at times, yet, incredibly feminine. She is enthusiastic and always ready to have a good time; yet, she’s quiet and as easy going as the day is long. 

She fiercely loved her husband of almost 59 years, and she loves him to this day; although, she had to say goodbye to him almost 13 years ago. They were best friends, confidantes, business partners and lovers. Together, they faced and survived being married at the young ages of 14 and 17, the death of their only son, several miscarriages, running a business together, politics and even cancer. She stayed by his side, through thick and thin, until the very end.   

At four foot eleven inches, she is a strong, independent woman; yet, she is there when you need her, and she loves deeply. She is quick to smile and always the first to shed a tear of joy or sorrow. She is kind and gracious, and she is a woman of deep character and deep faith. She trusts in her God to take care of her, and she gives Him praise in the tiniest of blessings. She always looks to the brighter side of things and is able to keep a positive attitude through some life’s toughest storms. She reads her Bible and prays everyday and, even, many times throughout her day. She is faithful to her church family; even when she’s out of town visiting me (or others), she spends some time connecting with those back at home. 

She can spruce up the dullest of rooms or ceremonies with her elegant Victorian ways, and she can bake a “mean” pound cake, fried shrimp, fried mullet and even Thanksgiving dressing! She, also, makes an awesome sweet potato casserole for me during the holidays, and she doesn’t even eat sweet potatoes! She loves to decorate for every season of the year and even keeps a Christmas tree up in her rec room, which is transformed into a “whatever holiday it is” tree throughout the year. …yes, that tree has been a snowman,  an Easter bunny and a pumpkin man! Haha. 

I stayed with her and my grandfather many times, as a youngster, and I cherish every memory I have with her. Oh, and she’s definitely got “young genes!” She sure doesn’t look like she’s about to celebrate her 86th birthday! (…this picture was taken two years ago!)

I am thankful that God saw fit to have me born on the day of her birth, and I will always cherish this honor and this blessing. I pray that I can carry on the legacy she has set before me.