Wednesday’s Ode #9

I love my Kindle! I mentioned this in my ode a couple of weeks ago; so, I decided I’d give it a little shout out today. 🙂 I have the Kindle Fire, and it was given to me about three years ago. So, no, its not the HD, HDX or even the 8.9, but it’s just right for me.

IMG_9836I have the ability to download books, games, photos and even documents via one of the apps. I can even surf the web and find needed research when necessary. I have so enjoyed this device. I take it with me almost everywhere.

With my love for books and reading, as I shared in last week’s ode, this device has been handy dandy! I can be sitting in the dr’s waiting room or sitting in my truck during carpool, and I can flip it open to read. I can be taking a short road trip or headed on vacation with my family. No matter where we’re headed, as long as I don’t have to drive, I can curl up in the passenger seat and run away to a dreamland through my books…but many times, I’ll be nice and close it just so my husband won’t feel so alone on the journey! 😉

My boys have benefited from it, as well, when we end up at a place where I am having take care of some business, and they have no electronic device to bide their time, Mom will have her trusty Kindle full of games and books to entertain them for awhile. Even my husband has benefited from the Kindle app, as all of his school books, as well as, books for enjoyment, have been loaded onto his iPad via this app.

So, if you’re avid reader, or you just like to read while traveling by bus or by plane, Kindles are a great investment. I’ve not been real hip on the other brands out there, but to some, a reader is a reader; so, you are welcome to make up your own mind. For me, this ode is well deserved to my Kindle Fire, and for that one, I am thankful! 😉