Looking back over my pics, I realize I didn’t share this moment of sweetness that transpired a few weeks ago, and considering my Wednesday Ode last week was about pottery, I thought I would share this with you today. 😊  I heard a loud crash downstairs one morning, and I peeked through the upstairs “window” overlooking the den to see what happened. JMan was looking at a pottery piece shattered on the floor; the cat had evidently tipped it over. He looked up, sadly, and said, “I’m sorry, Mom. The stupid cat knocked it over.” 

Knowing this was a cheap little clay bowl I had picked up at a local Thrift Store, I said simply, “Oh well. Can you pick up the pieces and throw it in the trash, please?” I went back to getting ready, not really giving it another thought. About 30 minutes later, JMan came into my bedroom, carrying that little bowl. From the outside, it looked perfect. 

 He said, “I did the best I could with the tape. It’s not perfect, but maybe you can still use it.”    
…Simply precious… It made this momma’s heart swell. 💗

 Ya know, I didn’t really care about that bowl before that day, and I had plans to throw it away when it fell and broke, but now…well, now, you probably couldn’t pay me for that little bowl. It’s amazing how, in an instant, the value of something so small can change so much…

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