Friday’s New Angle #34

It’s Friday! Time for another New Angle! 🙂  

Remember to check back here tomorrow for the answer! 

Selling Death To 4 Year Old Girls

I reblogged this last year, and it came up in my Facebook “Memories” today. He says this so well, I thought I’d just set it to Reblog again today….

I’ve been searching for the right words to express my feelings, without being too offensive, about this season approaching: Halloween. This blog has put my jumbled thoughts into perfect words. Thank you, “The Dad Life” blogger, for describing what I could not…

Fathering Hope

It seems to be increasingly difficult to raise God honoring children in a culture that celebrates dishonoring the things of God. Halloween is a particularly frustrating time for me as a parent because every store I take my children in is filled with scary and creepy things.

I recently took my 7-year-old son and 4-year-old twin girls to get a happy meal at McDonalds. As you probably remember yourself this is quite a highlight for small children. Any time I ask my children where they want to get something to eat it is always McDonalds. It is not because of the salty fries, crusty cheeseburger or overly processed nuggets. It is always because they know they will get a toy. McDonalds is a genius at marketing to children. They usually put a toy in the box that is really popular in the culture. This particular trip my little girls got…

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