I Feel Like a Kid In a Candy Shop! (part 2)

I thought it was cool that this came up in my “Facebook Memories” today, and I am, now today, just a few from having 300 followers. 😉 Thank you to all who have taken the time read, “like” and follow my blog. 😊

the grizzle grist mill

      I know I posted a note of thanks just a few weeks ago for the 100 likes on my blog; however, tonight, I’d like to say THANK YOU for the 100+ followers (102 as of this posting) of my blog! Having just started this in June, my original goal was 100 followers in a year; so, having received 100+ in only 3 months, I just stand amazed, and I am very humbled. I just want to say, “Thank you” from the depths of my heart! Thank you for your kind words, your encouraging notes and your simple approval “clicks.” You inspire me to extend my goals, to blog more consistently and to believe that I might just have something worth reading out there. Thank you. ❤

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Friday’s New Angle #36

Hi there! 🙂 It’s Friday; so, I hope you’re ready for another new angle!

Remember, the answer will be posted here tomorrow! Enjoy! 😊