Wednesday’s Ode #46

I love Christmas time!! It IS the most wonderful time of the year!! 

I love the caroling, the wrapping of presents and putting them around the tree, the gatherings of families and friends to eat yummy foods and all the wonderful laughter that can be heard within the home. Oh, yes, Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of the year! 

I love to see random acts of kindness happening all over the place. A few days ago, I was in Walmart, in the middle of the toy aisle, and all of a sudden, I was surrounded by 3-4 cops, and just as many children. I walked to the next aisle, and as far as I could see, there were policemen of all different divisions all over the store with children and their families, as they walked the aisles, asking the kids what they’d like to have. I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears. It was such a moving moment. So many families being provided Christmas in their time of need!   

Yesterday, I was in a Big Lots store, and these two ladies were being taken care of by this sweet little cashier lady. She was commenting on the glass globes the lady was purchasing and how she would like to get one of those for her mother. She continued to ring up the bill, the lady paid, and the she picked up one of those gloves and spoke to the manager beside the cashier, as well as the cashier, and said, “This is hers. Now, you know this is paid for, but I’m leaving this with her for her mother. You mark it as paid for her. Merry Christmas!” The cashier almost cried in delight! …and for those who have a few race issues, you may note, these three ladies, as well as, those cops and children,  were all of different ethnic races, ones of which too many people claim hate each other! There’s not as much hatred and animosity as the media and politicians would, sometimes, have you believe!! (Ok, so, that one was free. Haha.) These were such precious giving moments!! My heart was so full. ❤️

These are some of the reasons I love this time of year! If you will open your eyes, you will see these random acts of kindness all over. Sometimes, right in front of you, or even coming your way, and sometimes, you’ll even find yourself wanting to repeat them. 

I encourage you, make someone’s day today. Share a little love and cheer. You never know what burden you might be lifting. Better yet, don’t do these acts simply at Christmas time, try to spread love and cheer throughout this next year! Our world needs to be reminded of the goodness and love that does still reside in the hearts of those who live around us!