Tuesday’s Treats #7

Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen Restaurant

Location: Gainesville, Ga    

Not sure what’s going on with the website as I post this; it simply won’t pull up the page. However, I’m going to give you both the  Google link, and let you navigate from there: Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen

This is a little “diamond in the rough” location and well worth the discovery. My husband had been driving around the square, in downtown Gainesville, trying to decide where to eat when we took a side street and saw this sign. It was kind of on the “alley side,” and we were a little hesitant to check it out, but we were so glad we did. The atmosphere of simply romantic, and the food was delicious! 

I ordered the Chicken Marsala, and let me tell you, I don’t like everybody’s Chicken Marsala, but this was great! My favorite is at Carrabba’s, but Costa Nostra would be a close second. 😉

oops! sorry this pic is sideways!

  My husband got the lasagna, and it was incredible as well. They bring you bread and salad, as well, and it was all quite yummy, and we were so full, we probably should have waited on dessert. However, we were in the splurging mood; so, we went for it, and ordered the Forgettaboutit Peanut Butter Pie…  
Oh. My. Word. That’s all I’ve got to say about that!! …I think we gained 20 lbs each just when we looked at that as the waitress brought it to the table, but it was Soooo, soooo good!😜

A couple of things to note: 

*The seating is all tables and chairs, no booths. We’re not so “hip” on sitting at tables, especially when we’re out on a date We’d much prefer a booth, but we were given a wall seat, and it was really quite intimate. We actually plan to make a return visit, and this isn’t usual for us at a “cafe style” arranged restaurant. 

**Be sure to get there early, or just make reservations, because it’s not a large place, and it fills up quickly. The waitress told us we were lucky to have gotten in there so easily without a reservation on a Friday night, but we were there a little after 5:30, and there was one table available.😉

As of the day I am printing this, I still am unable to pull up their website by the link above; so, I am going to include their number and address for those interested:

Cosa Nostra Italian Kitchen, 118 Main St Southwest, Ste 16, Gainesville, GA 30501 … (678) 971-5420

**I am sad and so sorry to announce: This restaurant was closed in January 2016. 😔 This is so disappointing to me! We were looking forward to making a return visit!**

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