Proof is All Around

Proof is in the blooming of the trees after a long hard winter when everything seemed to die. It’s in the scurrying of life along the forest floor after the season of hibernation has come to an end. Proof is in the blossoms of Spring when the trunks have been burnt from wildfires. It’s in the new birth of the tiny creatures who find their mother’s care with blinded eyes and tiny mouths.

Can you see it?

Can you see the evidence in the sun rising above the mountains and the same orb setting over the ocean?

Can you feel it in the wind that blows through your hair as the sun shines down and warms your face? Can you sense it in the snow that falls upon the spring flowers?

Proof of a God is all around you if you’ll simply open your eyes and look about to see what is there. Proof is surrounding you if you’ll but open your ears to listen to His voice in the birds that sing and the tide that rolls in from the depths of the sea.

He is beautiful. He is peaceful. He is all powerful.

I pray you will find the proof you need.
I heard this song the other day, and it prompted all these thoughts to flow…

See video of the song on youtube – Faith Mountain Band

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