Tuesday’s Treats #12


Location: Highlands, NC

Kilwin’s is such a great place to go for yummy desserts and ice cream. There are several locations in the South, but my favorite one is in Highlands, NC. It is located right on the Main Street, and it is connected to a large, beautiful courtyard, where bands will set up during the summer months and play the weekends. 
This Kilwin’s has Mayfield ice cream, and all kinds of homemade fudge, pralines and other goodies. One of my favorites is their Turtle Caramel Apple. Oh. My. Goodness!! They start with a Granny Smith Apple, to give it just a little tartness, cover it in caramel goodness, roll it in Southern pecans and drizzle it with heavenly chocolate. Talk about some yumminess! Then, if you’ll ask them, they will slice it right there for you; so, it’s a lot easier to eat than those carnival apples you’ve been buying over the years!
They, also, have some of the best pralines north of Savannah, Ga. (I love the pralines down there from River Street Sweets, but that will have to be another post. 😉) Is Hwy have chocolate dipped Oreos and Nutter Butters, truffles and other chocolate delights, but I usually bypass all of that for those wonderful turtle apples.

If you’re in Highlands, be sure to stop by and try some yumminess…and hey, that’s a dessert that’s actually good for you, right? You can eat the whole thing, cuz after all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right?! 😂😂

For more information or directions, you can look them up here.

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