Tuesday’s Treats #16

Fogo De Chao

location: Atlanta, Ga 

I had never eaten at a Brazillian Steakhouse until the other day during our “Night on the Town.” Oh. My. Goodness. You can really hurt yourself when eating there! They have an enormous salad bar, appropriately called, The Market Table, and then, when you’re ready, the waiters start bringing out the meats!

You have a little coaster, which is red on one side and green on the other, and you use this to let the waiters know if/when you want more. The room seems to almost “move” as each waiter goes from table to table with a skewer stacked high of individual types of meat, such as top sirloin, bottom sirloin, house sirloin, filet of lamb, ribs, pork loin, chicken legs and chicken sausage. You can choose what you like, and you can have as much as you’d like.

The food is absolutely fantastic, and because it’s simply slices of meat that each waiter gives you, it’s pretty easy to not realize how much you’ve really eaten until you are about to bust! 😉

They also have an incredible array of desserts, if you can actually stand putting another thing in your belly after all this! They have New York style cheesecake with strawberries, Creme Brûlée, Turtle Cheesecake, Molten Chocolate Cake and Key Lime…just to name s few!

Here is their website to find all the information you need. 😊

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #16

  1. I don’t think I expected Brazilian food to be so wonderful and eclectic, including cheesecake! The salad and the bread look delicious and I am sure trying different meats would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing this one! Smiles, Robin

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    • In the Atlanta area. You can check out their website to find out more information. It would be hard for me to tell you exactly, without pulling up a map, as I’m not real savvy with the Atlanta area, unless I’ve got my GPS! lol. 😉

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