Tuesday’s Treats #21

Uncle Maddio’s

Location: Buford, Ga

This place is great! It has a comfortable atmosphere, and you get to “direct” the making of your own pizza. It’s almost like a Subway for pizzas. You walk in, and the staff is usually very friendly with a shout out, “Welcome to Maddio’s!” You can see the menu at the beginning, but you really don’t need it, as you walk down the line telling the staff what you would like on your pizza. You can choose from white and whole wheat dough, sundried tomatoes, spinach, sauce, pepperoni, grilled chicken, steak, veggies, and even anchovies. You can do the same thing with a salad.

The salads are great. You can choose the toppings, or they can simply make you a garden, Greek or Ceasar salad. Personally, I love the Greek with the dressing. It is delicious. Oh, you also get a little breadstick with this. It is just as good, and, I think, you can order a bunch, too. The prices are pretty good, too. You can order a pizza and salad for $8.99. I can’t remember the cost of the drinks, but the sweet tea is just as it’s supposed to be in the South, and the cookies are maybe $2-3 (a little steep, but oh, so worth it!) So, for about $15, you can fill your tummy to overflowing. When we go, I am usually taking half of my pizza home, cuz I eat my dessert before finishing. Now, let me tell you about that…

You MUST have a cookie for dessert, too! Oh. My. Word!! These things are delicious! Being LOTR fans, our family calls these The Arkenstone, because they have this yummy goodness in the center. You can choose from chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry. They are both incredible, but you definitely must like oatmeal for the latter. Our boys don’t much care for it, but I love it. It’s always hard for me to decide which one I want; so, usually, I order the oatmeal cranberry and just steal a bite of their chocolate chip! (…best of both worlds. haha!)


These drops of yumminess just came out of the oven…

If you haven’t been to Uncle Maddio’s, you must find one soon. You won’t regret it. I’m just so glad they are building so many of these around. You can find them many more places than there used to be. Check out their website for all of the locations, as well as, the menu and other needed information.