America the Beautiful

Happy Fourth to all. I love my country. It may not be perfect, but it is still a good nation, and I know it CAN be great again! This land was made great by the men and women who fought and died for it, and I am thankful for my freedom today. America was a land they dreamed of, believe in, fought for and were willing to die for. That is what it takes to make a nation great: dreams, aspirations, application and sacrifice. Can you remember…?

the grizzle grist mill


Her majestic mountains once rose above the clouds; 

They once challenged men to climb her rugged stairs to bow.

Her magnificent waterfalls once dropped deep into the valley;

They once inspired men to race down her rocky waves to rally.

Her awesome wildlife once soared above or scurried below;

They once entranced men to follow her and reap what they’ve sown.

These men have come and abused her rugged land.

They have crumbled her majestic mountains to form contraband.

These men have come and drained her waterways.

They have closed her powerful rivers to produce longer days.

These men have come and devastated her wilderness.

They have destroyed her beautiful creatures to make a their money nest.

Because of this,  America is in what we abide.

Man has taken over, ruled and abused her countryside.

They have caused her air to pollute, her animals to scatter and her flowers to wilt.


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