Tuesday’s Treats #23

Stonewood Grill

Location: Ormond Beach, Fl

This place is INCREDIBLE!! We went here for our 20th Anniversary dinner, and the only thing we regretted was that we had not found it sooner! We had the lobster bisque and bbq shrimp as an appetizer. They bring out bread before the meal, also. There were two different kinds, and both were scrumptious, but my personal favorite was the cranberry nut bread. It had such a delectable taste. This was followed by crab crusted mahi and the lightly blackened salmon. We finished the meal with a slice of key lime pie and chocolate indulgence. Oh. My. Word. I cannot tell you how incredible everything tasted! This is one of those meals that goes on our all-time “top 20” list. If you are in the Daytona area, or you are planning on vacationing here soon, make sure Stonewood Grill is on your itinerary!

Check out their website here.