Live For Today

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you USED to be, whether in the “glory days of sin” or the “past victories of spirituality.” That is all passed away, never to be grasped again. The important thing is where you are right now, this very minute, and where you choose to be tomorrow. 
Yesterday’s pain, nor yesterday’s manna will sustain us for today. His mercies are new every single  day for the washing of sin, the renewing of the mind, and the restoring/stirring of our spirit. His love runs deeper than all the heartaches of the past and His faithfulness stands stronger than any conquered ground you gained in yesteryears. 

So, why do we so often submit to the guilt of our past failures? Why do we so often take pride in our past spiritual encounters?

2 thoughts on “Live For Today

  1. Very true! this is one thing I’m super cautious of – bringing up the past. If it’s for a reason, like telling someone my testimony to help them overcome a similar issue – yes…by all means TELL. That’s the only reason I try to stick with when it comes to talking about the PAST.

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