Tuesday’s Treats #40

The Peddler

Location: Gatlinburg, Tn If you are vacationing in Gatlinburg, and you’re looking for a great steakhouse, don’t waste your time on those franchises and “hyped-up-advertisement” buffets that claim they have a great steak. Save your money and your appetite, and go to the Peddler. You will not be disappointed!

They have the best steaks around, and you get to choose the cut you want. Yes, that’s right. They have a “peddler” who comes by your table with a cart of covered meat. He/She removes the cloth and asks you which steak and how much you would prefer. Then, it is taken to cook exactly as you requested.
You then go to help yourself at the “all you can eat” salad bar, which is included with your meal. This salad bar is always fresh, and it has almost any topping you could imagine, including artichoke hearts, anchovies and fresh fruit and croutons. The waiter will then bring warm yeast rolls to your table, as you enjoy your salad, awaiting your entree. (*I do apologize for not having a pic of the meal! We were so distracted by the yumminess that I forgot to pull out my phone until it was almost gone!)
Then for dessert, if you happen to have room, there is always a seasonal dessert, like the delicious blackberry cobbler, pictured above, as well as, several other incredible desserts from which to choose. We always leave here so full and satisfied. … Just writing this review makes me want to head north to see the foliage and enjoy a delicious meal!

Oh, please note, they do not open till about 4:30; so, please don’t try to drop by for lunch as we did one time, because you’ll have to leave disappointed, or just want to wait around, starving to await dinnertime! 😉 Also, if you do show up a little later in the evening, and the wait is simply too long, go just up the road to their sister restaurant, The Park Grill, where you can enjoy another incredible meal!

Here is the website to find location, menus, and other needed information.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #40

  1. Oops – made a big boo-boo. But that would still work too. I will put “Gatlinburg, TN” on our proposed route north or south during one of our trips to visit relatives. Not a big problem because we have an aunt that lives in TN so we can plan to visit her as well. Again – thanks for the tip.

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  2. We make a trek north from FL to PA/CT at least once sometimes twice a year.

    And we are always looking for new ways to go to eliminate the old boring route north and south. Perhaps we will be able to put Gatlinburg, SC on our agenda when planning our next trip home.

    Thanks for the tip as we are always looking for great places to visit and when there is great food to be had, that makes the trip even more enjoyable.

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    • That is Gatlinburg, TN, and if you haven’t been, it is worth the trip! If you’re going to stay a day or two, drop me a text, and I can give you few more pointers on places to stay, amusements/entertainments to not miss and another restaurant or two! 😉


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