Tuesday’s Treats #52

The Blue Moose

Location: Pigeon Forge, Tn

This is a fun sports grill where you’ll find a good meal. They’ve got TVs galore, and the atmosphere is festive. The food is yummy, and it just leaves you with the feelings of good food and good times. 

We orders the fried pickles for an appetizer, and these were great, not too greasy and not overcooked. We got burgers and fried, hot wings and chicken phillies. Everything was delicious. 

They have all kinds of hot wing sauces, as well as, a huge assortment of toppings for your burgers, which are not little burgers! These are half pound, hand-patties deliciousness. They, also, have quarter pound, all Angus beef dogs with just about any topping you’d like. We didn’t have any of these, but they looked good!

We will definitely be back again, and we regret waiting so long to try it. Check out their location and menu here

Tuesday’s Treats #50

Mad Dog’s Donuts and Ice Cream

Location: Gatlinburg, Tn

This is a great little dessert place in Gatlinburg. It is located on Highway 321. They have fresh, homemade doughnuts, ice cream, coffee and drinks. The doughnuts were delicious and the icream was yummy as well. Honestly, the coffee could really be better. However, the doughtnuts will hit the spot! 

They have all different kinds from which to choose. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry iced, iced, devil’s food, salted caramel, blueberry cake, red velvet with cream cheese and even espresso sprinkled, just to name a few. One of our favorites is the apple fritter. Oh my goodness. Yum!

One of the really nice things about this place is it is situated right beside a little creek with several old stone and brick houses across the creek. There is picnic table seating outside; so, in the warmer months, you can enjoy your sweets by the creek. 

This is a great little addition to a great town. I hope you will try it out and enjoy! 

Ps. I just looked them up online, and, apparently, this Spring, they will be opening a new location, too. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh, homemade yummy in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. 

Tuesday’s Treats #48

Capitol Coffee

Location: Maryville, Tn

This is the absolute coolest coffee shop I have ever entered! They have taken the old Capitol Theater and renovated it to make a venue and a coffee shop. The owners and designers did it right! Even if we are totally stuffed from our wonderful meal at Sullivan’s Downtown, we make it a point to stop by here. This place has so much character, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you walk through the door.

The coffee shop itself is really fun with the special coffees all having a name from a famous retro film, and they have even created a photo booth with costumes, hats and attire to make your pose picture perfect. The coffee is delicious, too. As with everything in the place, they have put forth their absolute best.

The theater itself has been made over into an absolutely gorgeous venue which can be rented for parties, weddings and other special occasions. Standing in the back of the room, you feel as if Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn might just walk across the stage at any given moment.

Now, if you’re really lucky, one of the managers or owner will take you down to the “Man Cave.” The first time we went, they were just filling this up with all the interesting and intriguing artifacts of days gone by. The last time we went, the room looked a bit different from this, as they have added more and organized a bit beyond to accommodate the feel and clientele they wish to attract. It is really something to see.

If you’re looking for a memory-making venue, this is the place. You’ll not regret stopping by, even if it is only for a warm cup of joe and a walk down memory lane.

Find their location and venue information here.

Tuesday’s Treats #47

Sullivan’s Downtown

Location: Maryville, Tn

We love, love, love Sullivan’s! The atmosphere is great. The staff is always inviting, and the food is incredible. We haven’t had an item yet that we don’t like. One of the cool things about this restaurant is it used to be the old JC Penney’s building, and at the tile at the front door has the JCP tile. The interior is really neat.

Okay, so if you’ve read many of my Tuesday’s Treats, you know I love desserts, and this place has an INCREDIBLE key lime pie! It’s got a thick graham crust and just the right key lime flavor. I’m not crazy about all the whip cream on top, but I just like key lime pies with less toppings. 😉 It is delicious!

The shrimp and grits, called Shrimp Charleston, are absolutely scrumptious! The shrimp are seasoned and cooked just right with just a little bit of a kick. The grits are so creamy and delicious. These are some of my favorite!

The Northshore Salad, full of feta, cranberries and candied pecans on a bed of spinach is delicious. The fried green tomatoes are just as incredible. I don’t even like tomatoes, but these little items are a tasty delight, AND they are set upon a bed of those creamy, scrumptious grits. I’m not a huge fan of balsamic vinagrette; however, this mixture of grits, fried green tomatoes, feta and vinagrette is like a party in your mouth! Yum!

If you are in the Maryville area, you don’t want to miss this wonderful restaurant. You can check out more on their website. They have two locations, one in Maryville and one in Knoxville. I’ve been told the Knoxville location is just as good.

When you get done, and if you don’t get too filled from your wonderful dinner, you’ll want to walk down the street for another delightful treat at the Capitol Coffee Shop in the old Capitol Theater. That’s a really cool venue, too; however, that will be for another post. 😉


Tuesday’s Treats #40

The Peddler

Location: Gatlinburg, Tn If you are vacationing in Gatlinburg, and you’re looking for a great steakhouse, don’t waste your time on those franchises and “hyped-up-advertisement” buffets that claim they have a great steak. Save your money and your appetite, and go to the Peddler. You will not be disappointed!

They have the best steaks around, and you get to choose the cut you want. Yes, that’s right. They have a “peddler” who comes by your table with a cart of covered meat. He/She removes the cloth and asks you which steak and how much you would prefer. Then, it is taken to cook exactly as you requested.
You then go to help yourself at the “all you can eat” salad bar, which is included with your meal. This salad bar is always fresh, and it has almost any topping you could imagine, including artichoke hearts, anchovies and fresh fruit and croutons. The waiter will then bring warm yeast rolls to your table, as you enjoy your salad, awaiting your entree. (*I do apologize for not having a pic of the meal! We were so distracted by the yumminess that I forgot to pull out my phone until it was almost gone!)
Then for dessert, if you happen to have room, there is always a seasonal dessert, like the delicious blackberry cobbler, pictured above, as well as, several other incredible desserts from which to choose. We always leave here so full and satisfied. … Just writing this review makes me want to head north to see the foliage and enjoy a delicious meal!

Oh, please note, they do not open till about 4:30; so, please don’t try to drop by for lunch as we did one time, because you’ll have to leave disappointed, or just want to wait around, starving to await dinnertime! 😉 Also, if you do show up a little later in the evening, and the wait is simply too long, go just up the road to their sister restaurant, The Park Grill, where you can enjoy another incredible meal!

Here is the website to find location, menus, and other needed information.

Tuesday’s Treats #39

Pollo Loco

Location: Sevierville, Tn

Pollo Loco

This Mexican restaurant is a very simple local place that hits it “out of the park” when it comes to flavor and good food! Oh. My. Goodness!

Steak Soft Tacos

Check them out here.

Tuesday’s Treats #38

Bullfish Grill

Location: Pigeon Forge, Tn

This restaurant is INCREDIBLE! The spicy barbeque shrimp are so amazing, and the smokey pimento cheese appetizer is just as great. It’s been so hard to choose which one to get!
  The shrimp and grits are off the chain, and the steaks and burgers are just as yummy. They prepare the shrimp a little different than I’m used to for shrimp and grits, because they lightly get them; however, it’s a really delicious dish. If shrimp and grits just aren’t your thing, they have a pretty diverse menu, too; so, it should be fairly easy to find a few items you will enjoy. 😉

We had two desserts here. The keylime cheesecake was pretty good. As I’ve stated before, I’m a little picker than some when it comes to keylime and cheesecake; so, I wouldn’t say this was incredible. However, it was tasty, and the caramel cheesecake was out of this world! Oh my!

This restaurant is located right on the main strip as you come into Pigeon Forge (from Sevierville); so, it’s really easy to find. The location is great, too, because you can walk from here to the Christmas Inn, the Christmas store, which are some of my favorites, and to MagiQuest, which our boys love! If you need a coffee for that trip, Starbucks is close by, too.

You can check out their website here.

*Please note, the last time we went in, which was back in the summer, they were in the process of adjusting some of their menu items; so, I don’t know what their final decisions were. The waiter had said management was talking about replacing both the pimento cheese plate AND the cheesecake!! 😔 So, maybe you can go in and tell the manager you had read this wonderful review on those two items, and you were really looking forward to them…maybe they’ll reconsider! (‘Cuz, when we heard, we “fussed” about it, too! 😉)