Breathe Again

Life can feel like a heavy blanket resting on your chest, soaking up the rain, getting heavier and heavier. You can choose to get lost under the weight, dwindling down to nothing, expelling all the air from your lungs. You can close your eyes and simply allow the pain to wash you away in the storm. 

Heartache and grief is bound to come to each one. If it hasn’t visited you, just hold on, your hour will come when reality slams through the door like a hurricane, and you wonder if the sun will ever shine again. Those days, the air can become so suffocating, as if your house is on fire, and you’re caught within the fumes and the smoke, grasping for one more chance to breathe again. 

In that moment, in that lapse of time, you have to choose to breathe again, even when it is a struggle. Those are the minutes you will have to fight to survive. If it takes clawing your way out of that pit, then claw you must, but never give up. 

Never lie down and give up the fight so easily. Never roll out the red carpet for death to seize your mind and your soul. Never let the reaper consume you with hopelessness and despair. He will try, and he will scream horrors upon horrors to make you see him. Don’t let him win. 

There is Hope. There is a better way. Hope will bring light into the darkest night. Hope will return the song to the wind. Hope will chase away the clouds in due time, and Hope will help you to breathe again. 

Just take one tiny breath. Take one tiny step forward, and whisper His name, “Jesus.” He will answer. He will give you breath to breathe…

5 thoughts on “Breathe Again

  1. So true! For the first four months after my husband’s suicide, I literally had to think about taking breaths so many times. It’s hard to believe since breathing is an automatic response, but life and grief can be that hard.

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    • You are so very right. I can’t even imagine the painful road you have walked. I’m so glad there is a God who can carry you through. I don’t know what I’d do without Him! 💕


    • Hey there, I just wanted to let you know if two things: 1. I have tagged your blog in my New Friday Friends on April 14; so, I hope you enjoy, and I hope a lot of readers come to find the hope you have! 2. When I go into your current site (the new one with 44 followers), I can read some of the blogs, but I am unable to post a comment or go into some of the blogs… this may totally be my own technical difficulties, but I thought I’d let you know; since, it’s rather new, and it could be a glitch in he set up. 😉 I don’t want anyone to miss your incredible story! 💕

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      • Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. The 44 followers ins my site. I switched it over to a self-hosted site ( ). For some reason, the WordPress reader only connects to the old one I haven’t used for awhile. It shows new posts some but it’s confusing. If you follow my site, just linking to the e-mail will get you to the my current site. There isn’t a way to change it. I can’t figure out how to get the number of followers to stop showing because one site shows 44, another 52 and yet another 89 and they’re different people.

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