Friday’s Friends #11


These Friday Friends posts are so fun! I do hope you are enjoying them. I was reminded this week of a wonderful blog I came across a while back. I’m not sure if she found me or I found her, but I’m just thankful we found each other! Joanna’s story is incredible, and I hope you will be just as encouraged by her blog, Dipping Into The Heart, as I was. She has so touched my heart, and I believe she will yours as well. Her story is one of truth, pain, healing and hope. My prayer is you will find all of this as you explore her blog. 😊

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Friends #11

  1. Thank you! That is so sweet. I feel the same about you. I love your posts. My vacations with my boys have taken me away from reading (and really writing) but I feel like I came home when I started catching up on your posts.

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