Tuesday’s Treats #76


Location: Key Largo, FL

This place is great! Casual dining on the bay with a beautiful view and incredible food. We went for lunch, and in our party of seven, we had the gator bites, fish tacos, blackened mahi sandwich, blackened hogfish, grilled chicken salad, and chicken fingers. Everything was absolutely delicious!

The gator bites were some of the best we’ve ever had. The blackened hogfish was amazing, some of the best fish we’ve tasted while in the Keys. The blackened mani sandwich was beyond incredible with the grilled cheese and wheat berry bread. It was like the ultimate grilled cheese! … I do apologize for only having half the sandwich in the above pic. I was halfway finished when I realized I hadn’t gotten a photo! Knowing now how good it is, I suppose, we can all be thankful I stopped long enough to get the shot. Lol! 😂

w, the desserts are definitely worth the extra room saved in your belly…if you're able! The key lime pie is delicious with the right amount of tart and sweetness, layered atop the yummy graham cracker crust. The brownie sundae is delicious; although, they could put a tad more brownie and a tad less ice cream. The chocolate truffle pie is out of this world!

ope you will take time to check it out next time your in the Keys. Here's their site for location, menu items, etc. It is SO good!! … PS. Being home from The Keys just over a week, I am surely missing this place! Just going through and editing this post makes me want to catch the next flight to have lunch at Snapper’s tomorrow! 😉<<