Tuesday’s Treats #112

The Fish House

Location: Key Largo, Fl

The atmosphere here is really cool. You feel like you’ve just entered a dockside restaurant; even thought, you’re right in the middle of Key Largo. The menu is pretty extensive on fish items, and everything we had was delicious.

Our party ordered red fish, hog fish, blackened Mahi, chicken fingers and fries. The tea isn’t sweetened, as is usual in the Keys; so, just go ahead and order water with lemon or a coke. All the fish tastes fresh, and the wait staff are pretty friendly. We encountered one who was not so much, but she only seated us; so, we got beyond it pretty quick. We dis have their key lime pie for dessert, but I’ve had better elsewhere.

If we’re ever back in the Keys, this will probably be in our top 10 restaurants from which to choose. Here’s the website.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #112

  1. Looks tasty as usual … all your posts look mouthwatering. Perfect for the Lenten season which is nearly drawing to a close … with all this cold weather we’re having, it is hard to think of Easter weekend coming up so soon. The kids will freeze in their ankle socks and short dresses.

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      • We are getting another taste of Winter over the next few days. While we’ve enjoyed a cold but dry March here in SE Michigan, we are going to get some snow for Easter Sunday – perhaps shovelable snow. Today has been a nonstop rain. The weather is a little crazy lately!

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      • That is what I hear on the news as well as reading in posts from several of my friends who left cold Michigan years ago, drawn to the lure of warm weather most of the year; they are now posting photos of many inches of snow on their back decks. I am hopeful their dire predictions are wrong for us. You have a blessed Easter as well.

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