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I’ve been sharing for the last few days on the subject of authenticity. This is such a great word, and everybody is better off when we all embrace it to it’s fullest. Yet, as I posted those blogs, I started thinking how maybe some people resist authenticity, not necessarily, because they like to be fake, but rather, because they don’t really know themselves.

It made me think of the movie, Runaway Bride, when Julia Roberts’ character has to go “find herself” before she can commit to what she’s purposed to do. (Trying not to give any spoilers here! 😜) Now, I’m not a big advocate of dropping all your commitments to go “find yourself,” because I think, too often, this is used as a cop-out to simply be lazy or rebellious toward the commitments you’ve made. However, my point is this…

You can never be authentic until you truly know and embrace who you are!*

So, get to know that person staring back at you in the mirror every morning. Stare hard. Stare long. Ask questions and answer them, even when they’re hard ones that scream for honesty.

What are my likes? What are my dislikes? Why do I laugh? Why do I cry? What do I believe? For what, in what, or in whom, do I hope? In whom, or what, do I put my trust? When am I the most scared? When am I the most lonely? When am I the most confident and why?

There are a gazillion questions to ask and answer. This may take awhile. Even if it takes the rest of your life, don’t stop asking and never stop answering.

That’s the only way you can truly realize who you are. Draw out that heart within. Reach down deep and find the depths of your soul. Is it shallow, or are the measures endless and complex? True self-evaluation and self-analyzation helps to recognize, acknowledge, challenge and change those things that need alteration and improve those things which are just needing tweaking or strengthening.

Having a mentor, a life coach or just a truth speaking friend will also help you to find yourself and be the “true you,” but these thoughts will be held for another day.

Now, get out there and get to know YOU; so, you can let that authenticity blossom!! 😉

*Note to the wise: the real truth in who you are can, actually, only be found when you come to know the Creator of who you are, and that, my friend, will be a full post for another day very soon; however, you can start on that path of discovery today: Proverbs 9:10; John 1:1; John 3:16

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  1. I enjoyed your post and love the explanation of people not knowing themselves. When I listened to Oprah’s Super Soul conversation with Brene Brown, my understanding was that fake people were acting that way on purpose to avoid connections and being grounded. I’m happy I read your post but now I think my view of people who aren’t authentic may change. Maybe they’ve had hard lives or never found themselves. In the past, I have turned away from fake people because I felt uncomfortable around them and unable to be myself. I guess I should’ve been more understanding.❤️

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    • Honestly, I think it can definitely be both and, sometimes, one in the same. Some people are fake simply because they haven’t figured out who they’re meant to be; however, other times, people are fake because they are covering up, deceiving or just plain liars, and truthfully, in this, they haven’t embraced who they’re meant to be (the authenticity), because they rejected it and embraced the fake. What I have found in these situations, the rejection, typically, is combined with a coveting of someone they are not or something they have not (money, power, popularity). 😕 I truly believe everyone has a choice, and change is possible, but it takes determination and hard work. Look at any success story of those who were desolate, homeless or completely broken. Not a one of them will tell you their success just magically appeared. Authenticity and character (see my upcoming posts) never just miraculously arrive at your front door for you, and you simply put it on like a new hat; but it IS always standing there waiting for you to reach for it and become it! 😉

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