Tuesday’s Treats #173

Rocky’s Old Fashion Soda Fountain & Grill

Location: Brevard, NC

Oh. My! Oh. My! Oh. My! This place is the “bomb,” as my son used to say! When they say old fashion, they weren’t kidding! The place is totally vintage, and the staff and food are amazing!

We ordered all kinds of burgers and a pimento cheese sandwich with bacon. The burgers were absolutely amazing! You’ve got to try the pimento cheese with bacon, both on the burger, and on the sandwich! The burgers could be a little thicker for some liking, but I thought they were great. The buns taste amazing, and the chips are good. It’s a bit disappointing to get chips with burgers, but we all agreed it was nice to sit in the restaurant and not smell all the grease from fried potatoes.

Ok, now for the desserts. If you like old fashioned milkshakes, root beer floats, brownie sundaes, or anything with ice cream, this is your kind of place!! Between our two visits and ten people, we ordered chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes, hot fudge brownie sundae, strawberry ice cream with sprinkles, vanilla ice cream on a cone and a root beer float. Everything was incredible! The strawberry milkshake and the brownie sundae were probably my favorites. The strawberry milkshake is made with vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries added; the kind that get stuck in your straw with the “just right blended” amount of ice cream. It almost tasted like homemade strawberry ice cream! (The chocolate shake was also made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. If you like it doubles, you can order chocolate on chocolate.) The hot fudge brownie sundae was to die for! Holy Moly! Good God Almighty! 😂 I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at it, and probably another 5 lbs eating it! It was soooo good!!

We will be back there a thousand times over whenever we can! Be sure to check out the D.D. Bullwinkle’s gift shop next door as well, and note, if the line is too long in the restaurant to pay your bill, you can head into the gift shop to pay as well. 😉


*note: this website is the Facebook page. The google search “website” takes you to another great store in town, Bullwinkle’s, but I’m not sure why the misdirection.

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  1. Blogging friend Linda, above, sent me a link to this post. I enjoyed your thoughts about Rocky’s Old Fashion Soda Fountain & Grill. We live near Waynesville, so we’ll have to go to Brevard to try it out. Thanks for a great tip.

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    • That’s great! I think you’ll love it! On a recent adventure, we fell in love with the little town of Brevard! There’s all kinds of great shops and restaurants. We’ve visited Waynesville through the years when going to Max Patch! We’ve always loved Bourbon Barrel Beef and Ale, and found a new fave recently: Ian & Jojo’s Italian and the coffee shop in the big warehouse off from downtown, on Commerce St, I think it was. I’ve forgotten the name. (Starts with a “P.”) … you’ll be seeing these reviews on my blog shortly (or maybe already have – don’t remember post dates, but they’re there, or short coming!😂)


  2. Oh, I am so behind here, but just to see that meal and the float, would have sent me here much earlier … it sounds like a fun place. I like when they put a vintage them in a restaurant. We have one called “The TV Diner” – I’ve never been there but people rave about the decor and home-cooked sensible meals like your mom made when you were a kid like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, hot beef sandwich with gravy. 🙂

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