Tuesday’s Treats #179

Cantina 76

Location: Greenville, SC

The downtown of Greenville, SC is a great place for shopping and eating; so, even pursuing TripAdvisor makes it tough to decide where to eat. (There’s only 711 restaurants from which to choose! 😳😜) Cantina 76 was listed in the top 200, and it was close there where we were walking; so, we decided to give it a try.

Now, if you know anything about cantinas, they’re typically a little more expensive than your local “authentic” Mexican fare, and Cantina 76 doesn’t disappoint. They even charge individually for salsa! However, everything was incredibly fresh, and they had a trio app that came with three salsa/quest choices. So, we decided to not resent the choices too bad. Lol.

Our oldest got the teriyaki chicken and buffalo chicken tacos (individual, not mixed). Wow! Crazy good!! Our youngest got rice and beans. My husband got 3 beef and cheese tacos, and I got one beef and one roasted chicken. Each of the tacos were great, but I would have to say the roasted chicken was my favorite. My husband and eldest son would say the buffalo chicken was the best. Our youngest would say the bean dip was the absolute best. oh, Ana the salsa is phenomenal!

There are a variety of tacos to choose, and there are a few other items on the menu, but you’re not going to find all the extensive “authentic Mexican” menu items.

Here is the website to find menu and location.

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  1. I am slow getting here – three days after “Tuesday’s Treats” (blame it on not being sure what day it is after a long weekend) … no really, I’m just way behind in Reader. This sounded good. When I worked in Detroit, we used to go to Mexicantown for authentic Mexican food but it’s been years since I did that. A group of us would go and order different items and trade portions of it. So it’s been years since I had delicious Mexican food. We used to go to Chi-Chi’s and though many people were not fans of it, I always liked it.

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