Satisfaction in the Small Things

It’s so funny, but this little thing I did today brought such great satisfaction in a moment. Two years ago, I had bought one of those bulk packs of pens at Costco, and over time, the pens run out of ink, one by one. I kept them all in a drawer, as they are refillable. I just didn’t get the refills, because this was a bulk pack of 20; so, I had plenty of ready replacements.

As it probably happens for many, after loaning pens out, or having a pen in every notebook and journal you use regularly, that pack of 20 started to dwindle, and I kept seeing the pile grow in the drawer, knowing I needed to get the refills. Yet, I would remember at such inopportune times that I never made the order.

So this week, I finally bit the bullet and order the pack of refills. Tonight, I refilled all the empty pens in the drawer. It was quite a feeling of satisfaction knowing I have pens ready and waiting once again. Yeah, I guess, I’m a bit quirky like that. 😂

I’m curious to know. What’s some little thing that brings you a sense of satisfaction?

10 thoughts on “Satisfaction in the Small Things

  1. I load in pantry items, paper products and toiletries for the Winter months like I lived in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 My mom started doing that decades ago and I just kept up doing that. I work from home and I hate driving in the Winter and, though I like to walk, I don’t like to walk in bad weather, especially ice. In fact, last Winter we had ice storms or freezing rain all Winter. So I load in lots of items so I don’t worry about running out of anything in Winter. This year I have not even started doing this – in years passed I used to have it all done by now. But, when it’s loaded in and placed on the shelves and in cupboards, it does give me a sense of satisfaction.

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    • Yeah, I think I have an issue of needing the pantry shelves full as well. It’s funny. It seems as soon as I use up an item, I’m putting it on my grocery list, even if it’s something that I hardly use! 😜 Being stocked up for those icy days are a must. I love snow in the winter, but I am definitely not a fan of the ice. It seems to pose so many more dangers.

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      • I took the bus for over thirty years and just walked to the end of the block, and the car stayed in the garage, so my driving skills are not great in snow and I don’t like even walking to the garage to run the car in the ice either. My mom started laying in supplies and in those days we had a large grocery store about five blocks away and I’d get off the bus and just pick up a few items that were needed and hunker down in the house only going outside to shovel or run the car. I like that idea with the weather being more and minor erratic nowadays.

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      • There was a statement circling around over the last few years that I found a bit funny. Since, you’re in the north, and I’m in the south, it might be a bit humorous for both of us. “All the Northerners say, ‘People in the South just don’t know how to drive on the ice and snow.’ Yet, we Southerners have seen your news reports, and we learned our lesson quick! You can’t drive in the ice and snow either! You got out there and got stuck in it!’” 😂💗 (of course, you can see our newscasts during the ice and snow moments and see that some Southerners DIDN’T learn that lesson either! 😉🤣)

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  2. I think I’m a bit like you. Sometimes it’s those little jobs that you’ve been putting off that bring satisfaction when you finally get them done. Yesterday I washed a pair of my trainers that had been sitting by the sink for weeks and today I got round to cleaning one of my favourite bags. Just little things but it feels good to get them done. 🙂

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