Tuesday’s Treats #181

Mezzaluna Brick Oven Tap House

Location: Hendersonville, NC

This place is a great place to enjoy a nice lunch. It has a great atmosphere, and the staff is friendly. There are nice wooden booths, tables and chairs and a large high top bar. If you have a really large party, they’ve even got a really cool HUGE booth that will seat a gazillion. lol.

What is surprising is the menu. The host gave us about four of them, a regular lunch menu, a daily specials, a daily lunch cordials and then, the wine list. For the most part, it seems to be an italian fare, with build your own pizza (wood fire, brick oven), calzones, etc. However, the surprise was on the daily specials, they offered grilled swordfish, Chilean Sea Bass and grilled salmon and chicken marsala. It doesn’t really strike you as a “fancy” italian restaurant, but the menu defining offers it.

The cheese moons, pepperoni pizza, lasagna and calzone we ordered were all amazing. The cheese moons are just like mozzarella sticks, except in the shape of half moons, and they are yummy. Our son asked for Parmesan for his pizza, and the waiter brought fresh grated Parmesan on a side plate. Wow. The lasagna was like homemade, and I was so thankful I ordered the lunch special of 1/2 an order and a side salad. I could barely finish it, and my husband ate some of the salad. It was definitely a generous portion. The calzone was chocked full of the ingredients (you decide), and the crust was very tasty and just the right consistency: soft on the inside, cooked with a bit of a crunch on the outside and bottom.


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      • I must have some because your posts are killing me as I want to have a slice (or two or three) and it is always late at night when I read the posts. We have a Hepatitus A outbreak here in Michigan and have for many years now, so I’m afraid to eat anywhere … even buying at a deli or bakery … I guess I could trust frozen. I’m not much of a cook to be honest. The Hep A shots are two-part … $125.00 for each shot and spaced a certain amount of weeks apart, but $250.00 altogether. We’ve had deaths here in Michigan … it is not a drug use issue/contamination … it is people not practicing safe practices in food handling.
        Since I am here alone … no family and all friends all live out of state or not nearby, I just don’t go out to eat. I vicariously enjoy where you go instead. 🙂

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      • Oh wow. That is an incredible fact you don’t hear of everyday. 😳 I wish I could “mail” you one of the pizzas I’ve had recently. They have been quite extraordinary. I couldn’t imagine not being able to go out to eat anywhere. That surely would be difficult. Maybe you could buy a pizza crust and make your own at home. Pizzas are probably one of the easiest things to make, given, you buy a premade crust. You could then add cheese and any yummy toppings you prefer. Maybe then, you could have pizza anytime you like! 😊 … and you could make it early in the day so as to not eat it late at night! 😉💕

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      • I think that is what I’m going to have to do Mia – we have had 30 deaths in the last few years … just heard that the other day. Either that or break down and get the $250.00 worth of shots. It is the only thing that I crave. 🙂

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