Tuesday’s Treats #182

Pisgah Inn

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 408.6 , NC

The view is absolutely breathtaking. If you can take your eyes off the scenery just long enough to peruse the menu, the food is pretty good as well. The staff is kind, although, they seem to make quite a “show” of making everyone wait to be seated until exactly 11:30am (making the line grow quite long), taking names, lining the waitresses up in a row, and the hostess reading off each name, one by one, and each server greeting the guests and showing them to their designated table. To be honest, we were a bit put off at 11:00am, when the restaurant waiting area and gift shop began to fill up with people, and the hostess made a bit of fanfare taking names and emphatically mentioning time and again that they will not be seated until they open at 11:30am. Had it not been for the beautiful view and the nice little gift shop to enjoy while we waited, as well as, the fact you’re on top of the mountain, and the nearest restaurant is probably another hour away (lol!), we might not have waited.

However, as long as you can obtain a window seat, that view is quite worth the wait! We were captivated. To be frank, the food is good, and they do have a few unique items; yet, I wouldn’t say the food is “off the chain.” The fried green tomatoes are quite tasty, and the corn fritters are amazing. The cheeseburger and chicken sandwiches are tasty, and the salad and fries are good. The chicken pot pie looked yummy as well, but we only saw it after we had ordered and didn’t actually taste it.

There is a nice little walk just outside the inn, and there are rooms to stay in as well. Again, the view is absolutely amazing, and well worth the trip up the mountain. Just get there early, ask for a window seat, and prepare to wait a bit for the “festival” of seating to begin! 😉

UPDATE: We visited again last weekend, and the food was still delicious! A few side items, would of the day and desserts had changed for the season. So, the fried okra, black eyed peas, grits and Mac and cheese weren’t available, but we did get yummy grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and fries, and they had a delicious blackberry cobbler for dessert! I also ordered the pecan salad this time, and our guys got steaks, which was all delicious as well!


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  1. We go there at least once a year. A week or so ago we got there around two and were seated immediately. We could have requested a window seat and waited a bit, but we were satisfied with a table in the second row.

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    • If I might encourage you, it’s worth the visit. 😊 We just went again this past weekend, and it was just as wonderful and just as beautiful. I hope you are able to enjoy it soon! … oh, and if they have the blackberry cobbler for dessert, and if you like blackberry cobbler, it was delicious! 😋

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