Whimsical Wednesday

Be like the butterfly

Float on the air

Search out the beauty

Light gently and with ease

Fly away from drama or danger

Penned – 9/24/19 – MG

9 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday

  1. A good rule for going through life and what a gorgeous Swallowtail butterfly. Our butterflies will be headed south pretty soon – one more hot weekend is in store then a dramatic drop in temps. They’re outta here til next May or June.

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      • We’re back in the 80s beginning of next week before the big drop! Last year I had to take in the hose and shut off the tap the last week of September as we were having a hard freeze that night. I really should do it this weekend in case things get drastic.

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      • Well, I’m hoping we get some cooler temps soon!! We had a light drizzle this morning, one that wasn’t even on the forecast, and I was so hoping the weatherman had just gotten it wrong! Nope, it was hot again today! 🥵🙄🤦‍♀️

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      • If your weather folks are like ours – they just cannot get it right anymore and on social media the comments are all about that, but it is not just one or two meteorologists –
        it is all of them … they all predict the same thing and are all wrong and make no apologies for scaring people … they say “the computer models conflicted and we escaped a bullet” … hmm. I don’t want severe weather, but they have said at least five times in the last month or so that our area was getting severe weather and we got none of it … yes I am grateful, but I am living in fear the entire day thinking about it.

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      • You are so right! I’ve gotten to the point where I doubt the forecast all the time, especially if it’s bad weather or rain. Anymore, it seems they are more interested in hype and trying to get people stirred up than actually reporting real weather news. Maybe we should label them “fake news” like the other news stations. Lol. We might need to pull out our old weather vanes, wind chimes and Farmer’s Almanacs and just do as the old timers did. It seems we might have a more accurate weather notification system! 🙄🤦‍♀️😂

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      • Yes, the hype … that was the word I could have used to describe all our weather forecasters too, and that is why people are constantly complaining about it … it sounds a little strange to complaint about NOT getting severe weather, but they, like me have the angst of worrying about it beforehand as they wait for the weather event to get here. We have rain which started about an hour ago and will go off/on until noon tomorrow and several rounds of thunderstorms to boot. That they got right because it is rumbling out there right now and I’m trying to finish here so I can shut down and unplug the laptop.

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