Friday Fun Day

Sometimes, you just need to be a kid!

Yeah, I know, these pictures aren’t real great.

Well, just pretend I’m a little kid today, sharing with you my new fun surprise!

“Look, everybody! 👀 👀

I’ve got GLOW IN THE DARK chocolates!!


… and my grown up kid self says, “And it was all on clearance for $1.20/bag!!” … 😉

What will you do today to remind yourself of being a kid??

Have a great Fun Friday!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. How fun – I did not know they made glow in the dark Reeses cups. 🙂 I bought some Oreos that were a limited edition (mauve-colored cream filling) made just for the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon. The package was glow-in-the-dark with the lettering in light purple. I, of course, just like you, had to turn the light off to see if it did as it promised. Kids at heart – it’ll keep us young.

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