Friday Fun Day

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Social media seems to blow up with pictures of Christmas decorating right after Halloween and, then again, the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So, I’ll join in and show you a few of my favorites…

These aren’t fancy decorations, but each one sparks a sweet memory, because they’re each from a childhood. Mine, our oldest and youngest son’s.

I am a sentimental soul; so, I have lots of “favorites” on the tree, but I thought I’d share just a few of the simplest ones today.

What’s a few of your favorites?

Do you love or despise Christmas?

What is one of your favorite memories of the holidays?

Hope you have a Friday Fun Day!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. As I read through and saw the pictures, I thought they might be sentimental ornaments. I like that you saved all of them. Since I live alone, I have not put up a tree, but just a few ornaments on ornament stands … I used to collect teddy bears and my mom bought me a teddy bear Christmas tree (ceramic) … I’m going to put it up next year … have to make room for it – I used to decorate a lot for Christmas, took all day to do it (always the day after Thanksgiving) and all day to put stuff away. Our house is in country so much of the ornaments were old-fashioned or had a country theme. Because the house is small, we had to find a place to put things out of the way – it was a whole adventure … next year I’ll at least get the ceramic bear tree up. And I used to decorate my office at work with a tree when I worked on site, plus we decorated the office too.

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    • Yeah, it takes me a day or two to put everything up and decorate as well, but I do love it. However, it sure was a bit of a chore this year. 😂 I’m so sentimental; I just have too much stuff, but I love Christmas. So, I’m not sure I can do any different. Every year, I try to be more of a minimalist, and every year, I seem to gravitate to buying more Christmas items! 😜🤣 I hope you feel “Christmas” even without the previous decoration up. Just put on some Christmas tunes, light a fire in the fireplace, light a few Christmas candles (like apple spice), and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Oh, and don’t forget to cozy up with a nice Christmas story or Christmas movie. That should do the trick! 😊

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      • I wish I could be more of a minimalist, but my house is small and I am a saver, not a thrower and like you, cannot get rid of sentimental items. Next year I will do better than just a few ornaments … we have two radio stations that have been playing solid Christmas music since November 1st, so I will have it on all day long. I like those suggestions of the candles and hot chocolate too … if you leave up the decorations until at least New Year’s, it does not seem so bad to have decorated all those hours and hours. Have fun and enjoy the season Mia.

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