Tuesday’s Treats #198

Park Side District

Location: Lawrenceville, Ga

This place is absolute amazing! Everything was delicious, and the atmosphere is cool. The only thing I might would change is there’s not a ton of real “intimate” seating, but we went during lunch, and we had a nice seat.

The food is phenomenal. We started with the Gouda grit fritters, added a salad, salmon, shrimp and grits, brussel sprouts and dessert. I had the apple cobbler and my husband had the red velvet bread pudding. Oh. My. Word!!

Now look, my husband doesn’t even like brussel sprouts now bread pudding, and he loved both! 😂 The fritters are something special and unique; you’ve just got to try them. The shrimp and grits and the salmon is so good; I’ve been craving these since we left!

That apple cobbler is so fresh and delicious, and the bread pudding is surprisingly moist and scrumptious! You’ll want to try this place out soon!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treats #198

    • I’ve not either! Funny story to add: Typically, we aren’t a huge fan of bread pudding. (I know; we’re weird like that. lol. 🤪) Even when he ordered it, I thought he’d read the menu wrong, and I didn’t say anything, not wanting to sound like a condescending wife. 🙄🤦‍♀️ Then, when he took a bite and loved it, I said, “You know that’s bread pudding, right??” He said, “I know, but I wanted to try it since I’ve never even heard of red velvet bread pudding.” Then, I laughed and said, “Me neither!” and proceeded to tell him my reservation and the holding of my tongue. We just laughed and said we were so glad to have tried it because it was so delicious! However, because it’s so dense (and maybe because we shared both desserts), we couldn’t even finish the small portion they gave us! 😂

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      • My mom used to make it a lot and since I don’t really cook or bake, a lot of your meals remind me of nice meals and especially desserts back in the day. I cannot imagine a red velvet cake bread pudding and I would think it might be a little rich, but oh, I could go for some right now (and could probably finish the entire portion)! 🙂

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