Tuesday’s Treats #200


Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

This place was has just the neatest decor and atmosphere. The staff is friendly and some can speak a little English. The food is delicious, and again, the decor is just really cool. (Lots of pics on this one; so, get ready!)

The food was phenomenal, and the menu was completely in Ukrainian; so, our friends told us things on the menu and ordered for us. As you can see, we ate like kings.

We started with a cheese plate that was delicious. It had four different types of cheeses and honey and ground coffee to dip. Now, I know, that sounds crazy, but it was SO good! They also had brought a type of dried beef, like beef jerky. It had a little kick of spice, and it was great. Our friend ordered a plate of, what I would call, bruschetta. I’m not sure what it is called there, and I don’t eat raw tomatoes all that much, but she said it was delicious.

My husband (and our oldest) ordered a burger that was about as big as his head! He had to squish it to try to eat it, and he eventually just eat it with a fork and knife. 😂 I ordered a steak and grilled veggies, and it was scrumptious. Our youngest ordered a cheese pizza. It was different, as it didn’t have red sauce on it, but it was very tasty.

We also ordered some drinks like (non-alcoholic) mojitos. One had ginger and lemon and the other was apple. They both were good; I liked the ginger and lemon best.

We had so much food; we were stuffed and couldn’t finish it all! We so enjoyed this food, and we look forward to visiting again when we return to Ukraine.

The Website appears to be in Ukrainian, but I didn’t peruse all through time see if there is a language selection. They also have a FB page.

Here are some more pics of the cool decor.

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